Who we are

Cal Badminton Club is affiliated with the UC Berkeley Sports Club Program. It is organized by students, run by students and is for students, staff, and faculty of UC Berkeley. The club is open to any interested member of the community, even those who do not attend UC Berkeley. It is our mission to promote and create awareness of badminton to those in the Berkeley community.

Where to go

Open Gym Schedule: Join our Facebook Group and Slack to see the up-to-date times! All Open Gym/Practice sessions are held in RSF Fieldhouse.

Our open gyms will be Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Practices are once a week on Saturdays from 2pm-5pm at the RSF Fieldhouse.

Al Open Gym/Practice attendees MUST meet all of the following criteria: be a member on the IMLeagues Roster, paid membership dues, and is a current UC Berkeley student (undergraduate, graduate or post-doc).

Why you should join

As a Member

You will get guaranteed court opportunities with birds provided, group discounts to tournaments, and free paid entries to our own tournaments.

We can help you improve

You will gain experience and tips from playing against a wide range of players in the club. In addition, we will also have coaching sessions on Saturdays.

Make Friends

We hold many socials throughout the year including an annual ski trip, a SoCal trip, pool parties, potlucks, banquets, and more! Come and meet new people, and make amazing friends and memories.

Represent Cal

As a student, you can attend the National Badminton Collegiates as a member of the Cal team. You can play against other schools in our league, such as UC Davis, Stanford, SJSU, UCSC, etc. You will also have opportunities to play SoCal teams too!

Find us online

Join our Facebook group and Slack to get the most up-to-date info about upcoming events including practices, open gyms, and socials

Fill out forms

  1. 1. Register for IMLeagues (directions)
  2. 2. Complete Cal Sports Clubs Medical Clearance (directions)

Pay Club Dues

  1. Dues are $85 and cover playing/training at the RSF, free birds, school meets, and socials.
  2. Pay them at this payment site.

Still not convinced?

Learn more about Cal Badminton